Att öka på konkurrenskraft genom att arbeta med CSR : En jämförande studie av tre olika fastighetsbolag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi; Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Författare: Filip Andric; Dilan Yildiz; [2018]

Nyckelord: CSR; varumärke; image; konkurrenskraft; hållbarhet;

Sammanfattning: Title: “To gain competitiveness by working with CSR” a comparative study of real estate concerns. Level: Student thesis, final assignment for Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Author: Dilan Yildiz, Filip Andric Supervisor: Zahra Ahmadi Date: 2018- may Aim: The aim of the study is to gain knowledge for how real estate concerns work with CSR to strengthen their brand and to gain competitiveness. Method: The study uses a qualitative method with an inductive research approach. The empirical data consists of ten semi- structured interviews conducted with employees of three different real estate concerns.  Result & Conclusions: The study shows that real estate concerns work with three dimensions of CSR but of different perspectives and ranges. Furthermore the study shows that real estate concerns mainly work with the environmental dimension of CSR and that working with environmental certifications is a vital factor for the organizations competitiveness and image. Contribution of the thesis: The thesis has contributed with new knowledge about how real estate concerns work with CSR and how they implement it to gain competitiveness by communicating it through their brand. Suggestions for future research: The thesis was limited to three real estate concerns that were located in the midst of Sweden. Future research could therefore include more companies and also companies that are located in different parts of Sweden for a greater variety.      Key words: CSR, brand, image, competitiveness, sustainability

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