Vem litar vi på? : En studie av en krishanteringsmyndighets externa kriskommunikation

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Sammanfattning: The focus of this study is such that it intends to investigate whether the communication that reached Helahä regarding the forest fires in the summer of 2018 came from through and the government in charge, MSB, and through that fulfilled their duty to the Swedish public. The theoretical framework underlying the study is partly the theory of media logic but also Lasswell's communication model. The method that will be used for the survey is content analysis, with emphasis on quantitative analysis, which is a method of text analysis which is used to answer predetermined research questions by systematically breaking down and categorizing parts of text content (Boréus & Kohl, 2018). Another reason why the content analysis is chosen as a method is because it is suitable for finding patterns in materials and comparing different kinds of texts (Boréus & Kohl, 2018) and is thus relevant to the study. A clear conclusion that could be made early in the survey is that the information on, which has come from MSB, has not been the information that formed the basis of three of the five articles in the selection, but that information has come from elsewhere. As it appears in the results section that Helahä, most likely, received its information from elsewhere than and, is followed by a discussion of what responsibility really lies where and how it relates.

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