Meddelartrygghet : För privatanställda på offentligt finansierade jobb

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för ekonomistyrning och logistik (ELO)

Sammanfattning: This paper examines how notifies security looks for private employed workers in jobs founded by the public. The aim is to clarify the legal situation surrounding notifies law, and to analyze possible shortcomings in the law with a focus on the future. Notifies law is based on five cornerstones. Where freedom of information, a right to provide information to the media for publication, “acquires the right” and protection to be anonymous when talking to the press goes to all workers. The other two pillars, “a look up prohibitions” and “retaliatory forbid” apply only to employees in the public sector. Workers in the public sector has a stronger protection in a inform situation then a privately employed worker has. Differences in announces protection can be problematic when the former traditional public services such as schools, health care and care is conducted in private. Employees in these sectors with a history of strong protection as they provided information to the media, no longer have the same protection with a private employer. This despite the fact that they have the same work activities, are carried out with the same public funds and the importance of transparency and protecting the interests, ought to exist. The work addresses the policy tools that affect notifies law. The essay examines include committee directives, reports, legislation and social change. It is the individual perspective that characterizes the investigation. Individual perspective is broadened by a social, historical, international and gender perspective. The study divides the legal differences in announces security between different groups of workers in a legal and in a perceived part. There are legal differences that depend on the employer, the employee has. When the employee is not aware of the differences, instead you can talk about the perceived legal protection. Furthermore, the essay takes up the gender dimension of health, education and care is dominated by women. This affects women as a group due to the structural changes in the labor market, leading to impaired announces protection for those who move to private employers. The work concludes that the law surrounding announces security is difficult to take in and to form an opinion about. Notifies court extends across different areas, and in some sectors, there is special legislation. The paper calls for a comprehensive legislation, making notifies law more transparent and easier to absorb for workers as well as managers and employers. It is desirable that such legislation should include all workers, regardless of employer. Keywords: Freedom of expression, freedom of information, announces protection, job security, open government.

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