Användandet av böcker

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för förlags- och bokmarknadskunskap

Sammanfattning: Thanks to the technical development, how people read text has changed drastically compared to what it used to be before. Today people don’t read books only, they also read on their mobile phones and on their computers. However, you can still see people with a physical book or books out in public; for example on a train, at a station or a library. It is also true that visual material such as advertisement of products or university course catalogue often depict people with books. But what do they really depict? How do they depict people with books? Is it based on how people read books in a real life? In this paper, a research of how visual media shows people with books was done. Besides that, an observation study was performed to get to know how people use books, what they do with books and even what they don’t do in reality. The purpose of this paper is to find out how books as well as the use of books are depicted visually with a commercial purpose and to compare this with what we have observed in reality. For the visual material, three different furniture catalogues, advertisements from newspaper and education catalogues were used. Observation study was performed in two different central stations in Malmö and Helsingborg and in a collective transport such as on a train and on a bus. From the research it has been found that there are several aspects that are depicted in those photos; social life, knowledge, career, silence and relaxing. What it is interesting is that these aspects were observed even in the observation study in different occasions and in different places. Our conclusion from the research is that what we’ve seen visually and how we really do in real when it comes to the use of books and reading books are pretty the same.

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