Inventering av fem nedlagda deponier i Ängelholms kommun - En undersökning enligt Naturvårdsverkets MIFO-metod, fas 1

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Because of the industrialization in the late 19th century the amount of waste from private individuals and industries rose steadily as the standard of living improved and consumption grew. Consequently several landfills where everything from household garbage and construction waste, industrial waste and chemicals was deposited developed in each municipality. When legislation concerning landfills got stricter, these landfills without protective measures were forbidden. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are thousands of old abandoned landfills around Sweden. These landfills are often not monitored and less carefully localized than modern landfills and should be inventoried. In this study five old landfills in the municipality of Ängelholm were inventoried. The landfills are located around Munka-Ljungby and were active from around 1940 and onwards. The landfills were inventoried according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s MIFO- method, which is designed to make an overall assessment of the risks a contaminated site may cause by using only a limited amount of information. Phase 1, on which this study is based, includes thorough mapping and archive studies, interviews and general investigations. The assessment takes into account four parts; pollution hazards, pollution levels, condition for diffusion and the value of the areas regarding human health, flora and fauna. Each landfill is then assigned a risk class, where 1 represents a very high risk, and 4 a low risk. Four landfills in this study were placed in risk class 2, big risk, and should therefore be investigated according to MIFO, phase 2. For the one landfill that was placed in risk class 3 there are no requirements for taking measures on these objects today, but if the land use changes, further investigations should be considered.

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