Patientens informations- och kommunikationsbehov vid cytostatikabehandling

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Sammanfattning: Introduction Malignant lymphoma is the most common haematological blood cancer diagnosis. In spring 2013 a questionnaire was handed out to patients with various haematological malignancies. The results showed that the patients requested more verbal and written information about their disease and treatment. Providing information about chemotherapy and how it affects the patient's quality of life is part of the nursing care. Communication between nurse and patient is very important to share experiences and knowledge with each other Aim The aim is to describe the information and communication patients with malignant lymphoma demand, based on their own experience, in meeting with the nurse before and during curative chemotherapy treatment at a haematology outpatient clinic. Method The pilot study was conducted as a focus group interview with four participants with a diagnosis of malignant lymphoma. Analysis of the interview was conducted with qualitative content analysis. Results The content analysis resulted in three categories and nine subcategories. The categories were "feeling partnership", "have the knowledge of what awaits" and "process given information". Conclusion The participants experienced continuity in the meetings with the nurse and felt partnership which was positive. The need for enhanced communication in order to feel more involved in their chemotherapy was evident in the results. Getting the diagnosis statement formulated in a manner understandable from the physician, knowing what to expect, changes in the treatment plan, and knowledge of the body´s response to chemotherapy seems to be something highly valued by the participants. The deeper competence of the specialist nurse is important to the development of nursing care, information and communication with patients. To gain further knowledge about what information and communication patients with malignant lymphoma demand related to curative chemotherapy treatment more extensive studies need to be conducted.

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