Digitala resurser för elevers lärande : Lärares didaktiska arbete med digitala resurser

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: This research has as its primary goal find out through the teachers’ point of view how subject and digital competence can be achieved in social science classes in the Swedish upper secondary school. This research raises thereby two separate competences. The first of these is the improved digital competence among students which can be achieved when the teacher with the awareness and practical use of applied technological pedagogical content knowledge works with the students’ learning objectives in mind. The second competence in focus is the subject knowledge that is in the center of the teaching.This research is a qualitative study where two separate groups of teachers from different schools in the Swedish western hemisphere talks about questions regarding work with digital tools in school to improve both digital and subject competences among students. The research includes a variety of subject teachers with the purpose to be able to acknowledge didactic experiences and learn from their experiences and thereby make it possible to apply it to the didactic work in social science and civics.To achieve both digital and subject competence among students it is essential for teachers themselves to achieve well established technological pedagogical content knowledge which is applicable in the daily didactic work. The result of the research claims to show that social science and civics, as well as other subjects and courses, can use digital resources to improve competence among students. Through these didactic strategies in teaching the students’ digital skills can be improved as a side effect of the subject taught by teachers with digital didactic resources. Through this design of teaching both digital and subjective competence can be achieved in the didactic work of teachers.

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