Muslimer i media : En innehållsanalys av DN Debatts framställning av muslimer ett år före och ett år efter 9/11 2001.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Religionshistoria


The purpose of this thesis is to examine whether or not there has been a change in the way DN Debatt has been depicting muslims. This study process the time between 11 September 2000 and 11 September 2002. To reach my result I am using a content analysis, this because I found it the most useful to my material. The result I got with this thesis was that it wasn’t that big of a difference in the picture that the writers wanted to show. The biggest difference was the linguistic, the words used in the articles changed from quite positive to become rather negative. For example before 11 September 2001 the word terrorism was not to be seen in a article about Muslims, but after the same date every article used in this study has the word terrorist in some way. In my thesis I used a hypothesis, the hypothesis was that the reporting about Muslims was going to be radically changed and become hostile towards Muslims. This was not the case and my hypothesis was in one way contradicted.

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