Om konsten att samverka - En fallstudie av samverkan mellan AIC och Försörjningsenheten i Södra Innerstaden i Malmö.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: We wanted to use this paper to something important, something real that someone needs and wants to read. After having sent a request to all social services in the City of Malmö, we had contact with a section that had an idea that we would look at their collaboration. This study concerns how collaboration may look like and how it might change to achieve results. Social Services exist to help the client. Can we achieve this through collaboration? To find out this our purpose was; To explore how the collaboration processes is between AIC and Försörjningsenheten of Södra Innerstaden in Malmö to have "the client in focus"? We used an exploratory consisting of a semi quantitative questionnaire. We assumed from the survey results when we designed the questions to our semi-structured interviews, which became our second method. We interviewed six members in the different units. Then we analyzed the results based on eight different themes, a theoretical method of interaction in three stages, and the definitions of terms. We found that it was hard for them to interact when they have different conditions. And that they are not in the same house, that they have different function in society, and that interaction is based on cooperation. It is difficult to work because it depends on people and what happens when individuals are replaced.

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