Bedömning av anestesidjupet under generell anestesi med hjälp av spectral edge frequency

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Sammanfattning: Background: The purpose of general anesthesia are to remove emotional impressions with different anesthetic drugs. A big part of the nurse of anesthesia everyday life is to assess the depth of anesthesia. SEF could help to prevent over- and underdosage intraoperative. Aim: The aim of the study is to critically examine the reliability of SEF from current research when assessing the depth of anesthesia in adult patients under general anesthesia. Method: Systematic literature review based on positivist paradigm with a deducitve design.Results: The result are based on six RCT and five observational studies. SEF varies depending on age and anesthetic drug. There is also a risk that SEF is affected by artefacts. Conclusion: The authors find no evidence of a general range of SEF associated with an adequate general anesthesia. SEF can be useful as a tool for assessing the depth of anesthesia. The results do not indicate that it is sufficiently reliable to be used as the only factor in the assessment of the depth of anesthesia. Future research regarding SEF, should focus on assessing the reliability of various drugs and based on the individual level.

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