Unga Kommunpolitiker : Varför blir vissa unga kommunpolitiker, hur upplever de att det är och vad tycker de ska göras för att engagera fler unga inom politiken?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Författare: Anna Bryntesson; [2006]

Nyckelord: Statsvetenskap;

Sammanfattning: Abstract C-essay in political science by Anna Bryntesson Supervisor: Michele Micheletti Spring 2006 “Young municipality politicians - Why some young people become municipality politicians, how they think it is and what they think should be done to engage more young people in politics?” The Swedish municipalities have problem with that they doesen´t have many politicians under 30 years. Many of the young people who become politicians drop out after a short while. The conclusion of this is that the Swedish municipalities have problems to engage young people in politics. The purpose of this essay is to study and try to find out what young people think about politics? This is done with personally interviews with 7 young municipality politicians from the municipality of Eda. The specific research questions are: • Who are they which became young municipality politicians? • What was the reason that they became politicians? • How do they look at municipality politics? • Which roll and function does the young people have as a municipality politician? • What do they think should be done to get more young people to engaged in politics and become a municipality politician? The young Eda politician is a girl living in a house in the country and she has middle education. Many of the young politicians in Eda has become politicians because their parents has asked them if the want to be a politician. They think that politics is hard but fun. Their roll is to look at think in a new way. Politicians need to go to schools and tell the kids in school what they do a a politician to try to make young people more intrested in politics. The teory that is more usually that men is engaged in politics than womans isn´t right in Eda. Because there among the young peolpe more womans than men are engaged.

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