Äldres berättelser om åldrandet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö högskola/Hälsa och samhälle

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Our main objective with this essay is to provide a description of old people’s stories about aging. The essay is based on the empirical source of four qualitative interviews with older people over the age of eighty years young. The main goal is to inquire answers about; their time in the workforce; retirements; healthissues; media/advertisements; adolescence/youthfulness and attitudes. The following main questions have been dealt with: What do the elderly emphasize when they describe ageing? Are healthissues the prime subjects the elderly talk about? Do the elderly experience positive or negative attitudes towards ageing? What is their point of view of younger generations? In what way do they describe their years as workers? In what way do they describe aspects about their retirement? We reserved to consider the opinion of their own, to be the most valuable source in our study. However, it turns out, that sometimes they’d generalize the answer to a question on their own. They generalize especially aspects about their fear and security in being old. The prime subject is not about healthissues. These elderly are healthy; therefore they direct their concerns toward other people. They experience themselves as younger than their chronological age. Sometimes that difference is enormous. Their ageing is not described in correlation with retirement. Instead they related experiences to changes of the body, while their selfimage stays the same. They do not experience attitude towards themselves, because of their high age. Some of them either believe limitations are natural causes or hidden and political. The elderly elevate youthfulness in general as something positive, while some on the other hand have a grudge against adolescence of today.

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