On Collapse

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Konstfack/Textil

Sammanfattning: This project is an active exploration of subjectivities through the medium of weaving. In a narrative illustrated with woven works, the emotional trajectory of this person of mixed cultural background through Swedish society is described. First, the work is contextualized in terms of the larger politico-cultural-discursive context, entitled the outside. It is then positioned in terms of the individual context, the inside, largely dramatized as the developments in the art of western tapestry in the past century. This culminates in the final works, three of which are presented in the final exhibition. They are entitled monads, the etymology of which, in Greek, relates to the words one, alone, or singularity. Each is a conceptual microcosm proposing a different light distribution scheme. They are imprints of alternative actualizing tendencies. There could only be one; at the end of the experiment, Schrodinger’s cat is either dead or alive. The collapse involves the very structure of the ground, and is therefore embedded directly into the weave structure. But remember, each act of observation is an irreversible disturbance to the system. In the interpretation of the primary emanation arises difference, but in which direction will the pendulum swing, and on what forces does its motion hinge? Do subjectivities follow the locality assumption? Do you produce subjectivities or do they produce you?

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