Ibruktagandeprocess av signalanläggningar

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i byggteknik – järnvägsteknik

Sammanfattning: When a change of a signal installation will be implemented, the process takes the approach of two guiding documents that Trafikverket provides; BVF 544.94001 Teknisk säkerhetsstyrning and BVS 544.92100 Ibruktagandebesiktning av signalanläggningar. The problem with the two documents is that they sometimes treat the same things in the commissioning process, which means that there is a risk of contradictory. There are also references to other governing documents which makes the initial situation even more complicated. The purpose of this thesis is, on a general level, to describe and compile a commissioning process. The compilation should be used as a template / manual for future commissioning processes. The template / manual should identify ambiguities, gaps and possible inconsistencies in Trafikverkets governing documents. The results of the thesis shows mainly the non-logical structure and the intractable processes that exists in Trafikverkets governing documents. This occurs when among other things the document contains incorrect choice of words, difficult images of processes and complicated technical language. Problems are identified in both BVF 544.94001 Teknisk säkerhetsstyrning and BVS 544.92100 Ibruktagandebesiktning av signalanläggningar. The commissioning process must have a clear and logical structure, consistent formulations and correct illustrated pictures to make it understandable, so that a connection of a signal system can be implemented as smoothly as possible. To achieve this, the entire safety management process have to be explained and rebuilt in an understandable way. It is an advantage if as many as possible in a project, but also outsiders who may come in contact with the subject have the opportunity for transparent and are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the process. The commissioning process would have been more useful if it had been described in one document, in order to create greater understanding of the process and thus a better understanding of the area, allowing time saving at work, but also minimize the ambiguity in the rules so as to avoid misunderstandings.

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