Analys av avisningsprocess i syfte att resurseffektivisera : Processkartläggning med potential till Lean Service

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Författare: Rickard Snabb; [2016]

Nyckelord: ;


A study made on streamlining the use of resources in aircraft de-icing and the

potential benefits of a Lean Service – In cooperation with Aviator stationed at Arlanda


The de-icing process of aircrafts consists of two steps; first part is to remove the ice

build-up called de-icing and the second part is to prevent further ice formation called


To remove the ice build-up, the affected areas are sprayed with a mixture of hot

water and glycol, this melts the current ice build-up while the glycol keeps the thawed

water from re-freezing. The second step consists of applying an anti-icing agent which

keeps the craft free of ice build-ups while on the ground. The anti-icing agent is

designed to grip the surface and prevent ice build-up untill the aircraft reaches enough

speed where water is not able to withstand the aerodinamic drag and risk ice

build-up. The drag also removes the anti-icing agent and the surface is clear of any

liquid that may prevent air capability of the aircraft.

This thesis work is generated from the observations and interviews of the operators

and shows that the amount of time and fluid varies depending on both experience and

ability. Efforts in standardization can shorten the learning curve and improve overall

commitment, also aircraft materials and designs are under constant development

which an improved de-icing process can take advantage of.

To achieve these goals, this thesis have applied a Lean methodology and how other

service industries have utilized Lean.

Aviator will from this thesis obtain suggestions of more efficient way to conduct their

de-icing operations, improve the environment for their employees and a reduction of

used chemicals which will improve Aviators green footprint. Important suggestions

includes standardization of procedures and expand their scope of data documented

during operations. Introduction of Lean will simplify the process towards continuous

improvement and secure the qualitatively measurements and help Aviators company

vision to be the worlds greatest provider of aviation services.

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