Talent Management : Möjlighet eller hot? Sett ur HR-anställdas perspektiv.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik


The purpose of this study is to contribute with new knowledge of  how Talent Management can be seen as a an opportunity or threat for organizational development, concerning competence, on the basis of HR. The research questions asked are: Out of wich aspects can Talent Management be seen as an opportunity or threat on the basis of HR-employees? How can it affect the work of HR? To answer these questions qualitative interviews with five employees within HR from four different companies has been executed. The essay has been investigated on the basis of an explorative aim and with a qualitative method. The empirical results has indicated common themes such as director support, HRs view of Talent Management, HRs development and shifts of generations. Talent Management can be seen as a possibility for employees within HR to work with comtemporary HR-questions and for them to secure key competence for thier companies. Talent Management can be seen as a threat against HRs own development, since their mian focus is to develop others. The support from directors and management and their influence on the work of HR and HRs oportunity to development need to be examined in a future, more extensive, study.

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