Tills döden skiljer oss åt Anhörigas upplevelse och behov av stöd inom palliativ vård

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Sammanfattning: Background: Palliative care is defined as care in the end of life and aims to improve the patient's quality of life. The palliative approach is based on a philosophy of care that involves the comprehensive care of the whole person, where the patient is regarded from four different dimensions; physical, mental, social and existential, to satisfy his needs. The care also includes support to their families during the disease course and after death.Aim: Describing the family's experience of palliative care in the home and the need for support from the nurse.Method: Literature review were done by searching for different keywords in the databases Cinahl, PubMed and Scopus to find articles. Items that were considered relevant for the purpose were selected for closer examination. Qualitative articles were reviewed according to SBUs template for qualitative articles. To increase the reliability of the study the selected articles were read individually and then the authors did a joint assessment. Meaningful concepts were selected for further analysis and comparison. All articles are ethically approved. Result: Comparisons and analysis of selected items resulted in two categories; Relatives' experience of palliative care in their home and the family's need for support and communication from the nurse. Relatives consider it important that the patient is being given the opportunity to be cared for in his home but feel a sense of inadequacy when everyday routines changes. Relatives have a great need for support and good communication from the nurse.Conclusion: The possibility to be cared for in one’s home environment is very appreciated for the relatives. The last time together is very important, and it is particularly valuable that this time do not have to be spent in a sterile hospital environment. Relatives often have a positive image of palliative home care and feel that they are getting good support. It has been shown that family members feel neglected and that they are not being taken seriously. The lack of time often found in healthcare also has substantial impact on the family, hence the nurse should do her best to satisfy both the patients and the relatives needs regardless of time constraints.

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