Uppfattningar om Artificiell Intelligens i rekryteringsprocessen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Parallel to artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a more common complement in the recruitment processes, there has been a growing concern among human resources managers, that dehumanization will harm the relationship between employees and employers. Today we see that there has been another development with AI-based recruitment tools in human resources. Companies in many different industries work with AI to improve various aspects of business processes, such as speed, scale and decision-making. Efficiency improvement is a recurring concept in recruitment, especially for industries such as IT where digitalisation continues to increase. The purpose of the study is thus to investigate perceptions of candidate terms regarding AI-based recruitment. To achieve this, a qualitative study was conducted, with semi-structured interviews. Four people who underwent an AI-based recruitment process were interviewed, as well as two recruiters with expertise in the field. The material was analyzed using thematic analysis. The results show that the respondents had a negative attitude towards dehumanizing the recruitment process. A crucial factor that influenced the perception of the respondents was the inability of AI to assess social skills. A majority of respondents agreed that AI-based recruitment tools are necessary to make time-consuming administrative tasks more efficient. Only one respondent was willing to go through a completely AI-based recruitment process, and all respondents pointed out different ways in which the recruitment tools need to be improved. Finally, it was concluded that the AI-based recruitment process must be transparent, reviewed and used as a basis for decision-making rather than decision maker, in order for candidates to have a positive perception of the recruitment.  

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