Det synliga och det osynliga : en studie av fritidsledarens yrkesroll

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för tematisk utbildning och forskning; Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för tematisk utbildning och forskning

Sammanfattning: Recreation leaders on youth recreation centres is a professional category, mostly mentioned in the public conversation when it comes to taxes and youth problems. But what do they really do, what outlook do they have to their task, and finally, how are their daily lives like at work? The stories of twelve people represent the basis of this essay which itself consists of two separate studies. Six professional recreation leaders speak about their view of their own work, based on background, mission, education, ethics and position. The recreation leaders´stories reflect a worksituation with meetings of great significance andimportant standpoints. In the latter part of the second study we meet six young people who regurlarly visit the centre. The reader will get a picture of how these young people apprehend the recreation centre and how they are treated and received at the centre. The conversations touch upon both the visible and invisible. Our purpose has been to discuss the professional role of the leaders with the help of the two parties involved. That is: the visitors´ and the recreation leaders´ stories. In order to do this we have used a professional-theoretic perspective, which means that we concentrate on aspects, such as; commision, education and ethical attitudes. The essay aims towards the discussion whether the professional-theoretic perspect ive is possible to apply to the profession itself or not. Furthermore, the professional-theoretic perspective and relations to the visitors is discussed both on an individual- and a community level.

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