En berättelse om Harlösa, en grustäkt och ett nedlagt cementgjuteriområde : en berättelse om förändring

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Sammanfattning: This degree thesis is situated around a straight and not too complicated project. It is about changing of a gravel pit. I tried to find other methods. I wanted to test my ability to act and think more open-minded. A method more like the way an artist works. The gravel pit is situated in the little village Harlösa in Eslövs municipality. In the village there are a lot of people that think that the gravel pit is repulsive. A group of people from the village community in Harlösa started to look at the possibility to change this area. I started to work with that group in the spring 2003. The degree thesis contain of three parts: Part 1 are pictures in different shapes and materials and is the main part in the thesis Part 2 a document that tells about Harlösa and the changes of the gravel pit. Part 3 is a calendar that shall show the work process. The material tells about to see and be a ware of the landscape, to feel the landscape and to change the landscape. The story that has developed tells about an area situated at a wrong place but would in another situation become an area with potential and beauty. It is a material that tries to change the way of seeing thing, to say thing in a different way. The material will inspire to take other directions. A vision about a blue/green hole a nature centre in Harlösa developed. The area will contain both biology and culture. The form is an oak forest with a pond and footbridges in wood up in the air. An area for everybody, a place there differences can meet, a place with activity that encourage to experiment and to experience in. Some alternatives solution developed, a curtain that will shield the area from the road and make the entrance in to Harlösa more representative and some thoughts about a sunken garden. The alternatives can also sees as beginning steps to realise the vision. My roll as a landscapes architect became to be the one that inspire to see how the area could change. I tried to tell about the landscape in many different ways. The work was about to play unlimited and about a will to investigate the reality and to create new experience of the room.

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