Bland monster och män: En diskursorienterad intervjustudie om unga mäns förståelse av våldtäkt i kölvattnet av metoo

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Genusvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: The objective of this interview study is to examine the discourses on sexual violence that circulate among young cismen in today’s Sweden, in the wake of the metoo movement. This study seeks to understand how ideas of masculinity connect to conceptions of the rapist, and how this relates to the construction of the participants’ own identities. It further aims to explore the emotional dimensions of the reproduction of discourses on rape. Coming from an epistemological standpoint of social constructivism, and aided by theories on masculinities and affective economies, the study indicates that the participants’ ideas of sexual violence are characterized by ambivalence. Conceptions of the rapist as a monstrous and strange “other” tend to obscure what they simultaneously know – that the perpetrator is often both ordinary and familiar. This idea of the rapist as a monster is partly used as an antithesis to the construction of the self as normal and equal to women. I have shown that the circulation of emotion plays a role in constructing the victim as someone whose life is destroyed, leaving them, as well as the offender, with inhibited chances to heal and move on. The study further suggests that the gender equal and “enlightened” masculinity might be viewed as hegemonic in Sweden today, on account that this might, paradoxically, be the most strategic way to uphold a patriarchal order in a post-metoo society.

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