Choice a real estate agent

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


Every year a hundreds of new Estate agents is examined, and new agency comes to, which increase the competition for estate agents. Property sellers have the option to choose the estate agent which they think is the best one that will best mediate their property at a flexible and a correct way. It has been common that property sellers choose and compare estate agents in the city, the competition is today equal outside the city as in the city. Possibly, these are other criteria that values higher in the city as outside the city. I wonder therefore what factors are important and crucial in the choice of estate agents in Nacka Municipality. The studies intentions is to give the public a better understanding of which criteria consider to be important when it comes to the choice of estate agents.

The study is based on survey examination, made in Nacka municipality, and an interview with a real estate agent working in the Nacka municipality. The theory was based on previous studies in the area but also on the selling decision process and service quality in service. The criteria that were important for sellers was,

that the object was advertised on Internet, that the estate agent is well-versed in the district, the estate agent's behavior, that the real estate enterprise is comprehended as reliable and serious and personal chemistry with the estate agent. A top decisive criterion for the choice of estate agents was that the real estate agent was well-versed in the district.

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