Enhetschefers vardag : En studie av relationer inom kommunal äldreomsorg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

Sammanfattning: In the essay Unit Manager´s daily study of relationships in municipal elderly care, my purpose is to investigate how unit managers in elderly care have interpreted their assignments based on the organizational framework politics, organizations, employees, care recipents and relatives. Previous research shows that unit managers as intermediaries has a complex mission. The intermediary lives between various interests, which constitutes the complexity of the profession as unit manager. That is to say, different demands are made on unit managers, where the organization from above sets requirements such as efficiency and results and down the organizations requires confirmation and understanding. To answer my question How do eight unit managers in elderly care understand their mission based on the organizational framework I saw the most relevant use of interview as a relevant method. My purpose and question was based on social interaction where qualitative research is an appropriate method of using when you cannot measure social interaction with numbers. To analyze my material, I use Erving Goffman`s theory that the individual includes many different roles that are part of our inner self. The theoretical concepts I use are role, facade and expressivity. The result of my study shows that the unit managers committment contains care recipents, staff, financial responsibility and to lead and distribute employees. Politics feels close but still far away for the unit managers where the current political plan governs. The unit managers need support from the organization. The assignment includes work with motivating employees which includes questions related to relations and communication. Relationship to employees is of great importance. Unit managers responsibility for the care recipents and employees deals with handling and to cope situations where both care recipents participate and are being listened to

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