Att uppmana till handling : En kritisk diskurs- och genreanalys av debattartiklar om #MeToo

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Svenska

Sammanfattning: This study aims to critical investigate genre and discourses in six debate articles connected to the hashtag #MeToo. The study intends to identify common generic structures in the articles, followed by a discourse analysis with a feminist theoretical perspective to reveal ideological positions that forms the article and its content. The debate articles were all published in well- known Swedish newspapers and their topics are all the debate that came with the hashtag #MeToo, which purpose was to illustrate the width of the problem with sexual harassment and discrimination against women during the fall of 2017. The questions that the study aims to answer is if generic differences in the articles can be connected to ideological contextual factors or the writer’s opinion. The genre analysis identified five common schematic structures, or structural moves, one of which was further analyzed in the discourse analysis. The result showed that different ideological discourses was identified depending on how the writer strategically chosen to implement the structural move, and who it is intended to affect. The main differences between the articles was depending on who was produced as the actor, and what he or she should do next. The articles that invited a change in opinion was realized through a rhetorical question or a summering sentence and mainly directed to women, while the articles that invited the reader to take action and work for change was realized in a list or an instruction and was mainly directed to men. The difference in the communicative strategies used by the authors seems to be depending on who you’re writing for, the perspective you have on gender and #MeToo and the problems in society connected to it. 

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