ETT EUROPA FÖR ALLA - ELLER? - En analys av det etnonationalistiska budskapet hos den radikala högern i Skandinavien

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: This Bachelors Thesis aims to explain how radical right wing parties in Scandinavia expresses their ethnonationalist core message by focusing on how they frame issues and solutions in regards to immigrants and migration policy, as well as how this affects the overall rhetoric regarding immigration. My two main questions are How is the ethnonational core message articulated and how does it vary between radical right wing parties in Scandinavia, and what are the consequences for the overall rhetoric on migration? Which similiarties and differences are poosible to identify in the parties expressions of the ethnonationalist message? and How are issues and solutions, in relation to ethonationalism and attitudes towards immigration, expressed by the Danish People´s Party and the Sweden Democrats? Are there any differences between the parties expressions, and if so, which?. The method I have used to answer these questions is by performing a comparative case study of the Danish People´s Party and the Sweden Democrats by analysing party documents thorugh qualitative text analysis. The theoretical and analytical framework I have used to compare and analyze the parties are Snow and Benfords (1988; 1992) framing theory, in combination with two anti-migration frames proposed by Elgenius and Rydgren (2017). My findings are that the rhetoric used by the parties are inherently characterized by the ethnonationalist message. The parties’ both frame migrants as a threat to both the etnonational and cultural identities of the countries, as well as a threat to the overall social and economic safety of the countries. Even though the parties’ expresses these frames somewhat differently by expressing slightly different aspects in i.e. the prognostic framing and what kind of expressions they use, the core message is the same in both of the parties.

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