Det första uppdraget : om studenten som företagare

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Sammanfattning: This is a 20 points graduation thesis, performed at the Department of Urban and Rural Development at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. The main aim of this thesis is to examine what it is like to combine studying with working and starting your own company. Furthermore, I want to be able to convey this knowledge to others. An important part of being a landscape architect is informing people, and making rather abstract issues tangible. The word 'entrepreneur' is originally French. Today, we think of entrepreneurs, or contractors, as energetic people, who dare to try new ideas. There are many reasons why people start their own company, but the most common ones are the wish to fulfil oneself and to be able to plan one's own time. Many successful contractors have made mistakes along the road. According to them, it is important to regard mistakes and failures as experience. Many times, older landscape architect students inspire younger ones to take on their own assignments designing gardens. It has often proven to be an advantage to start the company together with others. When you are alone, you have no one to bandy new ideas with, and you are forced to make all decisions by yourself. If you choose to start a company on your own, a mentor might be an excellent support. In the autumn of 2006, I started my own company, larsson landskapsdesign. In connection to this, I made a business plan to create a clear business profile, for my own sake and for prospective customers. At the same time, I advertised for customers and one family showed interest. The task to reshape their garden was accepted and carried out during a couple of weeks. Based on the obtained knowledge, this graduation thesis finally provides advice on how to approach own assignments. There are some important issues to consider before commencing this project. You have a lot of freedom, but there are also great demands. No one else will do your work for you. The result will, thus, to some part reflect the effort made. Planning and preparation is necessary.

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