Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Like many other industries, dentistry is undergoing a digital transformation. Newtechnologies are influencing the work practices of dental professionals and specialists.Digital platforms, in particular, are becoming more omnipresent. The focus ofthis study is to explore platform technology’s impact on dental specialty consultations.To this end, we used Vial’s (2019) framework as our analytical lens to carry out aqualitative case study of dental specialty consultations. Specifically, we focused onanalyzing the changes in consultation practice as a result of implementing platformtechnology. The data collection consisted of semi-structured interviews with dentalpractitioners, specialists, and the platform owners. We analyzed the findings using adeductive thematic analysis, which yielded three principal conclusions.First, the workflow of conducting dental specialty consultations has been digitalized,but not changed in a transformative way. Thus, the workflow is still the same, but itis now carried out digitally via the platform. Second, the platform technology hasintroduced the platform owner as a new key player in the ecosystem, which noworchestrates the transactions between specialists and dental practitioners. Third, theplatform implementation has resulted in substantial time savings for dental practitionersand specialists leading to quicker patient care responses and increased patientcapacity.Our study enriches the digital platform and digital transformation literature by illustratinghow platform technology is part of a digital transformation process. Additionally,we provide insights for dental practitioners and specialists who are increasinglyusing platform technology in their consultation practices.

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