Kommunikation och teamarbete mellan operationssjuksköterskor och anestesisjuksköterskor i operationssalen – En kvantitativ enkätstudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: Functioning communication and teamwork is essential for patient safety. The scrub nurse and nurse anesthetists are responsible for leading and delegating within their specific work areas and to follow the law for healthcare in Sweden. Communication and teamwork are parts of the concept of non-technical skills which is an additional complement for the technical skills performed by the operating room staff. If the communication and teamwork fails it can cause unnecessary suffering and harm to the patients. The scrub nurse and nurse anesthetists both play an important role in the operating team. Although their collaboration consists of trust and respect it also contains difficulties in communication between the professions. Current research focuses on the collaboration between the entire operating team or between the surgeon and the scrub nurse but there is a lack of research done regarding the collaboration between the scrub nurse and the nurse anesthetists. Aim: The aim with this paper is to study differences in experience between scrub nurses and nurse anesthetists regarding the communication and teamwork in the operating room. Method: This is a quantative cross-sectional study with descriptive design. A web based questionnaire was published in three Facebook groups and three hospital wards. A consecutive comfort selection was made that contained fifty scrub nurses and fifty nurse anesthetists. Analysis was conducted in SPSS 24 and the result was presented with descriptive statistics. Furthermore variance analysis was used to calculate the p-value using Chi square and Student´s t-test. Results: There was a significant difference between the professions in four of the questions which commonly shared the subject respect. Furthermore the result shows no significant differences in questions that dealt with subjects like misunderstanding and hierarchies between the professions and factors that contribute to a pleasant work environment. Conclusion: The findings of this study shows that obstacles exists in the collaboration between the scrub nurse and the nurse anesthetists regarding mutual respect and understanding for each other´s specific work areas. However the result also displays that the scrub nurse and nurse anesthetists experience good teamwork between each other that features feelings of trust and support. The result of our study indicates that more research needs to be done regarding communication and teamwork between scrub nurses and nurse anesthetists.

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