Förhållandet mellan CSR och förtroende : En studie över hur Sveriges banksektor kan skapa förtroende genom kommunikation av CSR

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi; Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Modern-day society demands a high-level of responsibility from all of its participants when it comes to the sustainable development. The civic duty is an important part of corporate culture which is why many corporations today are positioning their priorities towards CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a concept which depicts how companies are supporting the sustainable development. The increased level of consumer awareness relating to this concept is the reason why more companies are applying CSR in order to achieve the competitive advantages, such as good reputation, trust, and a positive company image. A paradox manifests from the use of CSR, however, since it contributes to a greater scrutiny and skepticism towards how companies are utilizing CSR as a public relations tool, which people generally feel is neither genuine nor based on public interest. Therefore, while communicating their CSR strategies, companies must be careful since it can either strengthen or weaken the consumer trust, depending how the communication is perceived by the general public. The consumer trust is extremely important during high risk- and involvement decisions. This concept is particularly important within the bank industry. When it comes to applying CSR, studies indicate that the different banks in Sweden are not performing as well compared to international banks. Another study suggests that one out of four consumers is unaware of whether their bank is utilizing sustainable efforts or not. This study aims to map and identify what strategies of CSR communication that the Swedish bank sector use, and which of these that can build consumer trust. The research methodology is based on a triangulation which conducts both a qualitative and quantitative method. Three semi structured interviews with three different banks have been applied to identify and acquire a deeper understanding of the communication by the Swedish bank sector and their CSR efforts. Afterwards, data from consumers has been collected throughout a survey to understand how the consumers perceive the communication of the CSR effort by the Swedish bank sector. Based on collected empirical data and analysis, the study has been able to identify two CSR communication strategies that the Swedish bank sector employs which build consumer trust. The swedish bank sector communicates their CSR effort by interacting and engaging in an open discourse which increases the consumer trust. The swedish bank sector communicates their CSR effort by a high degree of communication, which indirectly increases the consumer trust.○ A high degree of communication of CSR effort reduce the consumer skepticism, which increases the consumer trust.

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