En kvalitativ studie om tjejers uppbrottsprocesser från en våldsam relation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The following study consists of a qualitative analysis based on six heterosexual girls' stories about the way out of their violent relationship. The purpose of the study was to gain an increased understanding of the six girls' leaving processes and which factors led to the final breakup. The empirical material was based on six podcast episodes where the girls talked about their experience of a turning point in their relationships and what made their leaving processes difficult and possible. The theoretical framework was based on two well-suited theories: the process of normalizing violence by Lundgren and theory about the leaving process by Enander and Holmberg. The study found several turning points: the choice between life and death, the realization that the relationship was not sustainable, and a self-experienced lack of turning point. Factors contributing to the leaving process were identified. Fear of how the boyfriend would react was both an aggravating and enabling factor in the leaving process. Stalking, belief in love, and an ”on and off relationship” were all factors that made the leaving process more difficult. It appears that a social network, and professional support were factors that made the leaving process possible. Finally, the result shows that the leaving process was a complex and drawn-out process for the girls.

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