Hur science parks och inkubatorer kan stötta kommersialiseringen av idéer sprungna från näringslivet: En studie av Science Park Jönköping samt några företag i regionen

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Industriell ekonomiLinköpings universitet/Tekniska högskolan

Författare: Ellen Tjernberg; [2013]

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This master thesis has been written in collaboration with Science Park Jönköping and is based on a problem related to corporate innovation. Science Park Jönköping believes that there is an untapped potential in existing industry in the form of ideas that are never commercialized. These theories are also supported in the research in which other authors have perceived that the ideas and inventions which do not belong to the core business risk ending up in drawers. If more of these ideas could be spin-offs or other forms of enterprise instead of staying in the drawers it would lead to growth, both for companies and for the society in large.

The purpose of the thesis work is to, based on the case Science Park Jönköping, analyze how science parks and incubators can support the commercialization of ideas that derive from industry, who otherwise had been left lying. The work began with a mapping of the Science Park Jönköping operations and the skills they possess, and then other initiatives that aim to commercialize more ideas from companies were examined. This was made through interviews. Finally five small and medium sized companies in the Jönköping area were interviewed with the purpose to investigate if they follow any innovation processes, what type of help and resources they lack and the companies view on Science Park Jönköping and cooperation with external actors.

To create a theoretical platform to be able to analyze the empirical results, an investigation was made including a number of innovation processes in order to create a general picture of the elements involved in an innovation process. This was helpful in order to analyze the company interviews in a structured way. Then how science parks and incubators are described in theory was examined. Finally, the literature on business development, spin-offs, corporate ventures and open innovation were studied.

The conclusions that the study resulted in is partly that there are ideas in companies which currently is not taken care of because they do not belong to the core business. Companies also have a very vague idea of what science parks and incubators are doing and how they can support the innovation processes.

Furthermore, science parks and incubators must increase their marketing directed at companies outside the park. The marketing should highlight the broad expertise in innovation processes and business development, and the networks they possess.

In order to get more ideas from industry to be commercialized science parks and incubators can act as external corporate venturing units for small and medium sized companies through the use of a spin-off process.

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