Hi-Vision - en arbetsmiljöstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/School for Forest Management

Sammanfattning: Ever since the chainsaw was introduced on a broad market during the 1950s, the effects of new technology on efficiency and work environment has been studied. Today we stand before a paradigm shift of how we operate logging cranes on timber trucks. The new technology is based on Virtual Reality, which means that your physical body interacts with a 3D experience on a screen. With four cameras mounted on the crane’s pillar the operator can control the crane from the trucks cabin with the help of VR-googles and mounted joysticks. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to study if the new VR technology, under the name Hi-Vision, brings less whole-body vibrations for truck operators, if the technology effects the operator’s exposure to hazardous work outside the cabin and if any new issues in working environment can be detected due to the use of Hi-Vision. The study was carried out as a combined time and whole-body vibration survey and the dispatch of a questionnaire. The tests included two types of logging trucks, one equipped with a conventional crane cabin and one equipped with Hi-Vision. In the crane operator position, an accelerometer was attached which registered the levels of vibrations during the three loading sequences of each truck. The results from the accelerometer shows in general lower levels of vibration with the use of Hi-Vision. Both crane system’s vibration values are within good marginal of the Swedish Work Environment Authority threshold limit of potential health risks. The benefits with the lower levels of vibrations using the Hi-Vision is therefore only the comfort experience for the operator. In a safety and work environment perspective the Hi-Vision contributes to eliminate the risk of falling when going up and down the ladder to the crane cabin. Less exposure to time spent walking alongside the truck, empty and loaded, could not be proven. The result of the questionnaire shows that there are no severe side effects related to a long-time use of Hi-Vision.

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