A Leap of Faith and Luck. An empirical investigation how the financial inclusion and coping strategies of Kosovo’s SMEs are scaling up the local development

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi; Lunds universitet/LUMID International Master programme in applied International Development and Management

Sammanfattning: SMEs represent the majority of business activity among almost all economies. However, the financial market rarely meets them with appropriate financial products. This study investigates and provides empirical evidence on SMEs' financial inclusion in Kosovo and its impact on the community they operate. The research employs sequential explanatory mixed methods by utilising the World Bank Enterprise Survey metadata and four business case studies, which will be analysed through an analytical framework consisting of Access, Usage, Quality, and Impact as elements. The findings provide empirical evidence that although accessing financial services and products does not pose a considerable barrier, the quality and affordability of the financial products is generally inconvenient for the SMEs. Moreover, the non-existence of alternative finance instruments directs the SMEs on choosing coping strategies which have them dependent on cash flow or be vulnerable to risk. However, these strategies often turned successful by luck, and consequently had an impact on the environmental and sustainability awareness, livelihoods, social inclusion, and the job quality in their local communities.

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