Sitthjälpmedel – Utveckling av ett portabelt sittstöd för personer med nackskada

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: This report is part of a master’s thesis in Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design at Lund Institute of Technology. The project is performed in collaboration with the company Hantverksdesign & Rehabiliteringsprodukter, HD, at Lidingö in Stockholm. The purpose of this master’s thesis is to develop a product, which eases the situation for people with neck disorders, when sitting for longer periods of time. The idea of this product comes from Marianne Torefeldt, who suffers from whiplash associated disorders. She, herself, has experienced a need of support for her head, when sitting for longer periods. To map out the needs of a sitting support, interviews with physiotherapists are performed and a survey is sent out to people with neck disorders. Through the interviews with physiotherapists it is realized that the position of the pelvis and above all, the position of the spine, has a great impact on the position of the neck. The most favourable position of the spine is the same as it holds when standing. In this position it holds an s-formed curve, the natural curvature, which results in minimized pressure on the neck. In addition, it is important to vary positions when sitting. Through analysing the survey sent to people with neck disorders, it is established that they have difficulties when it comes to carrying. What the respondents prioritise regarding the product, is that it is perfectly comfortable, that it is possible to adjust for the body and that it has a low weight. According to the survey, the need of a neck support can be found, among others; in lecture rooms, at meetings, on travels, in theatres, at dinners and in sofas. After identifying the customer needs, product specifications are established and concepts are generated to satisfy these specifications. A prototype is developed to correspond as much as possible to the final product. The main parts of the product are a backrest and a neck support. Embedded in the backrest there is a lumbar support, which is adjustable both in height and depth. Also the neck support is adjustable in height and depth. The product is supposed to be used on chairs, where it is leaned against the backrest of the chair. The product supports the user to sit in a way which allows the spine to vary position about its natural curvature. The prototype nearly functions according to the expectations. What is ought to be done next, is to improve the functioning of the lumbar support, to make it work lissom. More developing concerning the height adjustment of the neck support has to be performed before testing the prototype on individuals with neck disorders.

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