Innanför eller utanför samhället? : En kvantitativ innehållsanalys om hur svensk press gestaltar utsatta och särskilt utsatta områden

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för medier och journalistik (MJ)

Sammanfattning: Today there are areas in Sweden, mostly suburban areas, that are referred to as vulnerable and particularly vulnerable areas. How those areas are perceived by society has a connection to how they are represented by media. Therefore, this study examines how two Swedish newspapers report and portray these so called vulnerable and particularly vulnerable areas. Thus, the study contributes to the media’s responsibility for objective and truthful coverage. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter’s reporting during 2018 and 2022 is examined through a quantitative content analysis. Based on agenda setting theory and framing theory, it is examined and discussed within which genre and topics the areas appear in the media and how the news are portrayed. The focus is on how vulnerable and particularly vulnerable areas appear in the newspapers text. Previous research shows that suburbs and vulnerable areas are stigmatized through media’s news coverage and mainly is linked to negative news reporting. We claim that this problem remains, as the results of the study point to that vulnerable and particularly vulnerable areas mainly are being depicted in a negative context. The result contributes to a discussion about the objectivity of news media and journalists and how their work continues to contribute to stigmatization. 

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