Störst kommer först? - Employer branding i mindre, nystartade företag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: In recent years, employer branding has become a popular and very used strategy for all typesof organizations and companies. Since the difference between big corporations and small,newly started companies, can be quite big it is important to take this under consideration whencreating the employer branding strategy. However, previously research does not take thisunder consideration and it mostly focuses on what employer branding can do for corporationswith monetary resources. This study aims to examine how smaller and more newly startedcompanies can use employer branding as way to attract, recruit and retain people within thecompany.Previous research indicates how a larger part of employer branding processes and activitiesare strongly connected to an organization’s HR-department. These activities and processes arefocused on, but not limited to, attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified employees in orderto provide/supply the organization with competence. As previously mentioned, smaller andnewly started companies do not have the same opportunities and resources as well established,larger companies. Therefore, it is also of interest to examine, not only how smaller, newlystarted companies work with employer branding as a way of attracting, recruiting andretaining employees, but also which part HR could possibly play in these matters.To examine this closer a qualitative method using semi structured interviews has beenadopted. The authors interviewed seven respondents from six companies and all interviewswere conducted within a week. The result shows that smaller companies actually do notexperience competition when comparing with bigger corporations. According to liability ofsmallness and newness it is still important to have a strategy, and both employer brandingoch HR are important parts of implementing and succeeding with this. Further, all of theexamined companies are first and foremost working with internal employer branding. Withan informal vibe within the company they want to attract people with the right personality. Itis important for all the companies that the internal culture is retained and followed.

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