Stjälpa eller hjälpa? : En undersökning om yrkesverksamma lärares inställning till läxor

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


Purpose: The purpose of this work is to investigate teachers' professional attitude to homework as a method. The study will also provide answers to the purpose for which the homeworks are used in teaching and if the individual circumstances and needs are met by this method.

Method: Qualitative research was conducted through interviews with four teachers from three different schools. In addition, published surveys were used in support of reasoning.

Results: Neither the curriculum or the syllabus mentions homework. There are no directives for how much time should be dispensed with and the extent of a homework should be. In teacher training literature the homework is not discussed. The homework as a phenomenon is, in other words, superficially treated and discussed very seldom, despite being a large part of the student's leisure. In the interviews, it appeared different views on homework. None of the teachers use homework because it is tradition in school history, but all have a thought with it. Two strong reasons to homework emerged, one is that homework is given to repeat knowledge, and the other is that students have to take home the work they haven´t been able to finish on time. The reason that some of the informants were skeptical of homework was that they considered it to be unfair against students who do not have support at home. Another reason was that they felt that the assessment of the student should be done not only on the final outcome but on the whole process. This assessment cannot be implemented if a large part of the work is done at home. The teacher must be present and be a mentor to the student.

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