Återgång till arbetsplatsen : En kvalitativ intervjustudie hur kvinnliga handläggare upplever återgång till arbetsplatsen efter covid-pandemin

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle

Sammanfattning: Abstract When the covid virus spread and took a major grip on society around the world, it was classified as a pandemic and the Swedish Public Health Agency gave society advice and recommendations that those who could work from home should do so as much as possible. When advice and recommendations ceased, employees must return to the workplace again. Many employers today offer new distance contracts so that they can offer employees continued flexible forms of work, such as working remotely. The purpose of this study is to create a deeper understanding of how women who work in an authority experience the return to the workplace after working remotely for over a year. To achieve the purpose of the following questions: How do female administrators feel about partially returning to the workplace after full-time distance work for a longer period of time? What challenges and opportunities are experienced by partially returning to the workplace?For this qualitative interview study, six semi-structured interviews were conducted where the interviewees would: (1) work at the authority, (2) have worked remotely for a total of at least one year during the pandemic and (3) be women. The collected empirical data has been further analyzed with the help of Karasek & Theorell's Requirements - control and support model, previous research on the balance between private and working life and previous research on flexibility. The results of the study show that the interviewees experience both challenges such as adjusting their days and returning to their old (and new) routines, the logistics in the form of travel time to and from the workplace and the work requirements that are added in the workplace and opportunities such as missing social interactions and continue to be able to use telework, which is seen as the best of both worlds where it is possible to combine working from home and being in the office.

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