Los murmullos improbables : La representación del Realismo mágico en la novela Pedro Páramo de Juan Rulfo desde la perspectiva estructural-semiótica

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för språk och litteratur, SOL

Sammanfattning: The object of this study is to investigate the structure and the representation of Magical Realism in the novel Pedro Páramo by the Mexican author Juan Rulfo. The intention is to show the reader of this study some distinguished aspects of the Magical Realism and how this aspects are shown in the novel. The analysis is made with the help of some theories of how the structure of a text works. We have then compared the structure with some general aspects of the Magical Realism. We are bringing up different parts such as the topic, the characters and the room. Furthermore this study is based on the premise that many people characterize this novel being one of the first Latin-American novels using Magical Realism, but also making use of a complex structure that easily confuse the reader and the interpretation of the novel. Our study shows that the structure of Pedro Páramo is very extraordinary but at the same time the novel contains many general aspects of the Magical Realism. One example is the timeaspect, jumping back and forth. Another is the symbolism between the nature and some different scenarios of the story. Last but not least we have the topic of death. The aim of the essay is mainly to bring some clearness and to help other readers to interpret and analyze this fantastic novel.

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