Personalvetaryrkets förändring över tid - En historisk studie om hur professionaliseringen och akademiseringen av personalvetaryrket återspeglas i platsannonser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: How organizations work with their personnel strategies has changed a lot over time and today most ofthem have some kind of function specialized on personnel, this profession is today called HumanResources (HR). Its practitioners is seen as experts on questions regarding personnel and work life. Tosome extent the profession today further requires an education within personnel science as a form ofqualification for its practitioners. At the same time the HR-practitioners today have a variousbackground both academically and professionally. In recent years there has been two societal changesthat our study builds upon. Those are the HR-profession discussed endeavor to become aprofessionalized profession and also the academicization of the european society which has affectedthe designs of schools in Europe, including the personnel science education.This paper draws on empirical data consisting of job advertisements from the beginning of the 1950’suntil today, year 2019. The aim is to see if and how societal changes takes expression in jobadvertisements directed towards the HR profession. From a historical perspective we aim to examinehow the profession’s development, a endeavor against a professionalization, as well as theacademicization of the school have been expressed in job advertisements, and over time how thelanguage and layouts of HR-professionals job advertisements and it’s requested competencerequirements has changed in relation to those developments.The study was conducted through a discourse analysis and a thematic analysis of job advertisements.The method made it possible for us to investigate if job advertisements reflects societal changesthroughout history. We used Fairclough's three-dimensional model for our discourse analysis becauseit’s a suitable model for a discourse analysis in general and that it is well compatible for studies of jobadvertisements. A discourse analysis can be used with the purpose to create an increased awareness ofthe language's different discourses and the impact that social practice has on language, which also fits our study's purpose to investigate different discourses in relation to societal change in job adverts forthe HR profession.The results in our study reveal that today’s HR profession still can be seen to have an endeavortowards becoming a professionalized profession. Yet today we cannot define the profession asprofessionalized in relation to what is requested in recent job adverts in this study. The study alsoreveals that along the side of the academization of society the employers has increased the request ofeducated HR-personnel. We draw the conclusion that our study further shows that the development ofhuman resources is an effect of its surroundings and that the HR profession will continue to develop inrelation to its society.

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