Produktutveckling för framtidens arbetsplatser

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: Companies have implemented major changes due to the recommendations of remote work introduced by the Swedish Public Health Agency as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote work has rapidly increased, and the forecast is that this flexible working method will remain. The purpose of this thesis is to examine which challenges remote work entails for offices in the future, and with this data present a concept of a viable product facilitating remote work. To fulfil the purpose, this work is based on the question: How is a consumer product, that facilitates remote work for future workplaces, developed from established requirements? This work is based on Ulrich and Eppinger's theory of the product development process in combination with the Double Diamond design model developed by the British Design Councils. The work is performed in collaboration with the consulting firm Sigma Connectivity, thus follows their guidelines on construction. An empirical study, including interviews, laid the foundation for identifying customer needs, which in turn led to concept generation and selection of possible concepts. The final concept selection entailed a revision of customer needs and product requirements along with further concept generations. The assembly- and design choices leading to the final concept are presented in the report together with rendered CAD models. The synthesis presents a concept of a portable meeting unit. The further developed conference speaker includes features such as a webcam, lamp, and microphone, as well as the ability to wirelessly connect external devices. The bottom is designed as a small round "puck" with a flexible arm containing a camera and lamp. The initially stated product requirements are considered fulfilled, hence this work answers the question by presenting how a consumer product facilitating remote work can be developed.

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