Verktygslådan : Effektivisering av projekteringsskedet med hjälp av en tilläggsfunktion i Revit

Detta är en M1-uppsats från KTH/Byggteknik och design

Sammanfattning: For more time and cost efficient projects, the construction industry needs to develop modern and integrated working methods. The preparation of construction documents is now in transition from 2D (AutoCAD) to 3D (Revit) modelling with an aim to streamline the workflow. This study aims to streamline the construction designing and planning stages by implementing specific commands that are adapted for Revit. The function of these commands is to provide complete structural components. These components will reduce the time to complete a construction drawing set compared to a traditional 2D method. Qualitative studies were conducted in the form of interviews with construction engineers. The interviews were based on different sub-areas that affect different parts of the planning stages. Based on these interviews, the toolbox was designed, containing the previously mentioned commands. Some conclusions that have been drawn after the study completion are that the construction industry is in need for a change, and that the building sector requires a systematic and united working method to streamline work methodology. In addition to the reduction of time and additional costs, this tool will reduce the frustration that may arise in the search of building components using traditional methods.

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