Kontaktsjuksköterskans betydelse under palliativ cytostatikabehandling –ur ett patientperspektiv

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Sammanfattning: AbstractBackground: The national cancer strategy 2009, suggested that all patients in cancer care should receive a namedcare contact, to meet the patient ́s need of continuity and safety. Continuity to the same nurse navigator enablesthata relationship between the partiescan build up, which provides safety for the patient. The patient ́s experience of his or her life situation can change when a vulnerable situation arises. The early palliative phase can extend over months and years and then chemotherapy can be obtained to prolong life. If a patient feels seen and listened to by the nurse navigator, it can enhance the experience of the palliative care.Purpose:The aim of the studywas to describe the importance of having a nurse navigator for patients with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy in palliative care.Method:A qualitative study design was usedandsixpatients participatedthrough individual interviews. The material was analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results:Three main categories were identified during the analysis: significant functions, importance of relationship and of continuity. Thecategorieswere built up by eight subcategories: availability, competence, support, personal relationship, care, safety, being cared by theirnurse navigator and being cared by other nurses. The results showed that availability, the support, the continuity and the personal relationship with the nurse navigator were important, especially in the event of deterioration in health.Conclusion:The study's results illustrate the functions of the nursenavigator, but also the importance of the relationship and continuity of the nurse navigator for patients who have had outpatient palliative chemotherapyfor several years. This can contribute to an understanding why this patient group needs to becared bya nursenavigator. Keywords:Nurse navigator, palliative care, oncology nursing, outpatients, experiences

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