Förbättring av sidostabilitet på såbill

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion; Linköpings universitet/Maskinkonstruktion

Sammanfattning: This report presents the work on improving the lateral stability of the seed coulters of Väderstad seed drill model Spirit. The work lasted ten weeks and was carried out at Väderstad AB spring 2019. The basic problem was analyzed with a number of different methods, and tests were carried out both in the field and in the test rig. With the results from these, it was found that the suspension of the seed coulters allowed both torsional and lateral movements at low loads.   The work started with a root cause analysis which was then used to produce a requirement specification. This was then used to develop concepts. After evaluation, the best concepts were selected, analyzed, modeled and calculated. When the concepts were deemed to be sufficiently functional, several manufacturing analyses were made to assess the suitability for serial production.   Three concepts were developed. One is a final concept that can be mounted directly on existing machines in the form of injection-molded plastic blocks on the seed coulters. One is a concept for future year models were flanges are mounted on the fall of the seed coulters. This concept is available in two parts, either in the form of a welded steel profile or as part of a sand cast reconstruction of the seed coulters. The third and final concept is a reconstruction of the machine's seed coulters with a spring to control the bill pressure. In addition, a method for evaluating the side stability of the seed coulters has been developed.   The reason for the Nordic model's problems is that the seed coulters tend to track the grooves of the fertilizer carriers. This can be solved by having the seed coulters support each other in the lateral direction.   As a continued work, a more thorough examination of the sand cast flange concept is recommended. This is in line with Väderstad's philosophy of making built to last products. 

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