En studie av användarfokuserad design gällande startsidor och menyer för museers webbplatser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: People decide within seconds whether or not they are interested in something. It is therefore crucial to deliver a good presentation of a product to provide the consumer with a good first impression. The present study investigates the issues related to Västerås Flygmuseum´s website, focusing on the first impression given by its homepage, and advises for further improvements. The following two are the focuses of the research. First, it is examined how the amount of information in the homepage is related to the first impression of the page itself. The second focus is how to properly convey this information to different audiences. The methodology used was a combination of a quantitative and a qualitative method. A survey was first launched, followed by a usability test on a selected audience. The outcome revealed that visual complexity makes the navigation difficult. Users prefer simple and clear homepages that will guide them to other, more specific sections of the website, in order to acquire all the information needed. Västerås Flygmuseum is therefore advised to present only the essential information on the homepage and to include links to other subsections of the website.

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