Active parenting : en utvärderingsstudie av kursen för föräldrar med barn 2-12 år

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Active Parenting is an American course for parents with children between 2-12 years. The purpose of Active Parenting is to give the parents support and practical instruments in their parenthood. The course is also given in many cities of Sweden. Our aim with this paper was to evaluate the course by interviewing parents who live in Malmö. To examine this, we have interviewed 10 parents who have participated in the course. We have also interviewed a leader of the course, because she could give us an objectively approach to the course. All interviews were recorded on tape. By using interviews, we got detailed and spontaneous answers. The investigation made it clear that the parents were satisfied with the course and recommend it to others. They learned useful and practical instruments and methods, which they can adopt in the education of their children. Almost every one of them has used the instruments and methods even after the course and think they are very practicable. They use the strategies they think fits into their family situation. Many parents believe they let their child/children participate in a higher degree now than before the course. Most of the parents are not as authoritarian as they used to be. The course was given in groups, which all of the parents had a constructive attitude to, because they could exchange experiences with eachother.

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