Kvinnan och tjänsten : En kritisk diskursanalys av det svenska rättsväsendets framställning av kvinnor som befinner sig i prostitution

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hälsa, vård och välfärd

Sammanfattning: The representation of women in prostitution varies over time and space. This study aims to make visual how women in prostitution are being represented in Swedish judicial system today. The study uses a critical discourse analysis, inspired by Fairclough's three-dimensional model, and is based on a theoretical framework of reification theory, theory of respectability and previous research. The study analyzes 68 court verdicts, published in 2018 on the legal database Karnov Juridik, Kvinnifridspropositionen (Prop. 1997/98: 55) and an evaluation of the law's application and effect (SOU 2010: 49). The study makes visible a two-part image of the woman as occasionally invisible and occasionally defined on the basis of prostitution. The study shows how an overall market discursive perspective through the verdicts relates to a focus on the purchase of sex, rather than the parties involved. The study shows that the focus on the woman in prostitution, which was widely criticized and which the law reform intended to shift towards the sex buyers, continues to stay on the women in prostitution.

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