Processförbättring : Fallstudie av processen för intern orderhantering i ett tjänsteföretaget

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper

Sammanfattning: The master thesis in industrial technology started with a prestudy in January 2019, based on the results from the pre study,the work with the master thesis begun. The purpose with the masterthesis was to map the current process in a service company and toidentify defects in the current process to shoe what the companycan do to improve and avoid defects in the future.The aim of the study was to visualize and give the company anunderstanding of how the work they performed today and how theycould further develop the work to reduce defects that arose inconnection with deliveries of material for further installation ofservice to the company's customers. The lack of processdescription in the current service company forms the base anddesign of this master thesis.The basis for the work is the pre study, which was carried out asa qualitative study where the employees of the company in questionwere interviewed about how they experienced the errors that arosein connection with the delivery of materials. To create a visualpicture of the company's process of the internal handling fromordering service until the service has been installed at thecompany's customers and opportunities for improvement and qualityassurance, the student has used theories such as process theory,Six Sigma, Lean Management and ISO 9001. Based on these theories,the student has analysed the process and arrived at a result. Theresult shows that there is an opportunity for improvement byreducing the number of steps in the process, making use of onlyone order system throughout the process, letting a person beresponsible for the internal handling from ordering to ordering inorder to minimize errors and to introduce quality controls toavoid errors and defects.The conclusions that the student has come up with is that thecompany now has a good foundation to stand in for upcoming work.The company needs to develop and work further with the process ofadding instructions and routines for all different parts of theprocess and that the process needs to be tested, evaluated andapproved by all employees. Future strategies and visions also needto be created by the company's management together with theemployees so that everyone within the company is aware of thefuture and strives for the same goals.

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