Infiltratörer och informatörer - rättssäkerhetens marodörer?

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Lunds universitet/Juridiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: This thesis discusses the Swedish Police use of, and conduct of, unconventional reconnaissance and surveillance methods, such as; covert human intelligence sources (CHIS), Undercover Officers (UO) and infiltrators (private citizens). The use of the above stated unconventional methods have been conducted without the explicit and detailed support of law. The lack of law provided an environment of legal vacuum in which the police took decisions to commence operations with use of unconventional reconnaissance and surveillance methods. The police did not take the legal rights of the individual in account, nor did they account law and order. Thereby they endured an onslaught of harsh criticism. The Swedish Government took the criticism into account and appointed a Swedish Government Official Enquiry (SGOE); The Police Method Enquiry - Polismetodutredningen - Särskilda Spaningsmetoder . The Police Method Enquiry resulted in a Swedish Government Official Report (SGOR) which was conclude in late December of 2010. The SGOR, has introduced a bill which stands under the consideration of the legislator. The bill has given proposal for a number of controversial laws for example, to give the police the right to commit crimes in line of duty. The thesis has examined the SGOE, the SGOR and the bill. The thesis has also done a survey of The Swedish Police; historic, present and hypothetical future use of unconventional reconnaissance and surveillance methods. When taking account of the Police proven discard of the legal rights of the individual and the discard of the fundamentals of law and order, one cannot recommended the passing of the bill. A bill of this magnitude is far-reaching seen in the light of the Swedish Instrument of Government and should therefore not be passed, even if the crimes are committed in line of duty and only for the sake, of not reveling an UO. The above has been conclude after thorough examination throughout this thesis where account has been taken to the criminological theory of, The Normalization of The Exceptional, by Professor. J.Flyghed.

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