Lösenordsovanor – åldersrelaterat?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This study aimed primarily at investigating if the role of age was important regarding password management and password habits of different users. Despite extensive research in password management, the problem remains that users create insecure passwords, leaving personal information and systems vulnerable to attackers. In order to examine users’ different password habits in different age categories, a multi-strategy study was conducted, which consisted of two methods, with both a questionnaire and interviews. The areas discussed in the study were whether the age was important on the user's password habits and the knowledge different users had about attacker's different methods. The study also discusses how the user thought about the creation of passwords in comparison with recommendations from existing studies of how a secure password is created and how the user remembered their password. The results of the surveys show no correlation between the user's age and password habits. However, a possible solution to the problem is finally discussed, as both previous studies and this study proves users today lack knowledge of secure passwords and lack of password habits.

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